Why Go Green?

Go Green

Rio Power & Light is proud to offer a 100% renewable energy plan for those who not only think green, but act green as well! Rio Power & Light is doing its part to save the environment and supports a healthier and cleaner Texas through the procurement of Renewable Energy Credits ("RECs"). We offer our 100% Renewable Green Plans to our customers on a month-to-month or fixed price basis at competitive rates and with the same, great, reliable service as our other plans.

100% renewable. Texas is the country's top producer of wind energy and has the greatest potential for solar energy in the nation. The State of Texas can Go Green like no other state when it comes to renewables. For every kWh of electricity, you use, we procure the corresponding REC that is from a 100% renewable source like solar or wind.

Environmental Leadership

We want you to use less…and yes...we really are an energy company! Rio Power & Light is committed to finding and utilizing more sources of clean, renewable energy so we can offer the best in Green energy plans. We believe our future energy resources have to be cleaner and more accessible. Click here for Tips and Information on how a little effort can save a lot of energy!

Plant A Tree

Rio Power and Light has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to provide customers with a simple way to help our forests and protect our wildlife and environment. For every 1,000 kWhs used by customers enrolled in one of Rio’s Plant-A-Tree℠ Plans, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree.

On an annual basis, for each customer on a Plant-A-Tree E-Plan℠, Rio expects at least 18 trees to be planted per year based on an average homeowner's electricity usage in Texas (estimated to be 18,000 kWhs per year). Enrolling in a Plant-A-Tree℠ E-Plan allows you to support healthier forests, rivers and wildlife while turning on your lights. Do your part and enroll today.

What can one tree do?

  • One tree can lift as much as 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air in one day. – Tree Canada Foundation
  • Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water as well as protecting groundwater and land around rivers, lakes, and streams. – International Society of Arboriculture
  • Trees provide protection from downward fall of rain, sleet, and hail as well as reduce storm run-off and the possibility of flooding. – International Society of Arboriculture
  • One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people. – U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • In one year, an acre of trees can absorb as much carbon as is produced by a car driven up to 8,700 miles. – International Society of Arboriculture
  • One tree can absorb more than a ton of carbon over its lifetime. – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Forests in the United States provide drinking water to more than 180 million people. At least 36 states anticipate water shortages within the next 10 years. – U.S. Forest Service
  • In 2000, our National Forests and Grasslands hosted nearly one billion visitor days which is 50 times more than in 1946. – U.S. Forest Service
  • To Learn more about the amazing things that trees can do, click  here.