What is deregulation and how does it benefit consumers?
Deregulation allows energy users to choose where their energy comes from and allows them to choose plans that are best for them.
Does Rio Power & Light own the lines that run to my business or home?
The power lines and physical equipment that brings the electricity to your business or home are owned by transmission/distribution service providers (TDSPs). You may also hear these companies referred to as "the utility". Rio Power & Light works with the TDSPs to ensure that your electricity service is provided reliably and consistently.
What happens if I have an emergency or power outage?
Contacting your local transmission and distribution utility (TDU) company, is the fastest way to get a response to an emergency or power outage. TDU Service Area Emergency Service:

What kind of company is Rio Power & Light?
Rio Power & Light. is a private, non-affiliated Retail Electric Provider in the State of Texas, and was founded by dedicated energy executives with one mission in mind, Go Green! Our team members have worked in deregulated markets all over North America and in many international markets, procuring renewable electricity for more than 20 years.
Is Rio's Electricity 100% Renewable?
Yes. Rio is doing its part to conserve resources, protect the environment, and support a healthier and cleaner Texas through the procurement of Renewable Energy Credits ("RECs"). Rio proudly offers 100% Renewable Energy Plans with long term fixed rates as well as on a month to month basis, all at competitive rates with great, reliable service you will come to know with Rio.
What are RECs?
RECs (or Renewable Energy Credits) constitute an essential source of renewable energy used to meet the State of Texas's environmentally conscious renewable energy goals. RECs are earned by generators that rely exclusively on a source of energy that is regenerated naturally. Examples of renewable energy sources include: solar, wind, wave/tidal, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass or biomass-based waste products.
Why should I switch to Rio Power & Light?
Rio Power & Light offers only 100% renewable green electricity through the procurement of Renewable Energy Credits. Our green plans are offered on a month-to-month or fixed price basis at competitive rates with the reliable service you deserve.

Also, Rio offers paperless billing to help you reduce your environment footprint. Ask about our Plant-A-Tree Plans too.
What is my account balance?
Click here to view your account balance by logging into your online account. Don’t have a Rio online account? You can create one in just a couple of minutes.
You can also view your account balance without logging in by entering your Rio account number into our Quick Pay portal.
How do I pay my bill?
Just Click here and you will be taken to the customer portal to pay your bill. We accept Visa and Mastercard. You can also process your payment by calling the automated voice response system, or you may mail us a check or money order.
Was my payment received?
You can view payments received in the "Payment history" section of your online account.
What are the benefits of Autopay?
You are always on time to pay your bill. Plus, you don't need to pay the payment processing fee of $0.005 per kwh.
How do I sign up for Autopay?
Just Click here and you will be taken to the customer portal to enroll in Autopay. You may also contact us at 1-866-552-0770, and one of our professional customer service agents will set up Autopay for you.
Can I change Autopay card or my card on file?
Yes, you can update your payment method on the customer portal. We accept Visa and Mastercard.
Can I select a date for Autopay?
No, autopay will draft 10 days following the invoice print date. You will see the draft date on your invoice on page 1 in the upper right-hand corner.
What happens if autopay declines?
You will receive a payment decline email, and autopay will be turned off. You will need to update your payment method on the customer portal and process your payment.
Why did my bill increase?
Here are factors that impact bill amounts:

Weather changes: During the summer, when electricity demand is high due to air conditioning use, due to higher kilowatt usage.
Plan type: You may be on a variable-rate plan. These plans' pricing can vary from month to month, impacting total bill amounts. Log in to view your plan details. If your plan has expired, view available offers.
Get help managing your electricity usage: One of the best ways to manage your monthly bill is to keep track of how much electricity you use.
Changes in charges from the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP):Your electricity plan may include recurring delivery charges from the TDSP that are passed through without markup on the bill. These charges are for transmitting and distributing electricity to the service location. Delivery charges can increase or decrease with approval from the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). TDSP charges usually change on March 1 and September 1 of each year but can change at other times with the PUCT's approval.

What is an early cancellation fee?
The early cancellation fee is $175.00 if you terminated prior to the expiration date. An early cancellation fee may be avoided if you are moving and provide prior notice of the move, including a forwarding address and, if applicable, other evidence supporting the move.
What is a late fee?
A fee of 5% of invoice amount charged to the account when a payment is not made on or before the invoice due date. Check your Terms of Service under the "Payments" section of your online account for more information.
What is a reconnect fee?
If electricity service is disconnected for non-payment, a $20.00 Reconnect will apply on your next invoice.
Where can I learn about other fees?
Please refer to your Terms of Service (TOS) and your Electricity Facts Label (EFL) in your online account to learn more.
Is my account subject to any fees?
If you do not enroll in AutoPay, you will be subject to an additional charge of 0.5¢/kWh, referred to as the "Payment Processing Fee." If payments are paid late, there is a late fee charge of 5% of past-due balances.
Can I set up Average Billing?
Yes, Average Billing is available for eligible customers.
How do I sign up to receive my bills by email?
You can sign up by contacting us at 1-866-552-0770 or login into My Account.
What happens when the contract expires?
When the contract expires, your service will not be terminated automatically. You can enter another fixed-rate contract at current rates, or the account will go into month-to-month status with the current default rate in accordance with your terms of service. The rate is variable and will fluctuate monthly depending on the market.
If the contract expires, do I lose power?
No, your service will continue month-to-month. If the contract ends and you move out, you must contact customer service to cancel the service.
How far in advance can I renew?
You can renew up to 75 days in advance.
Can I renew for the same rate I have now?
Our rates are based on the market at the time of the renewal. You may find our most competitive rates by entering your zip code on our website.
Can I renew online?
Yes, you will need to sign into the portal.
What do I need to do to cancel my service?
You can contact our customer service team to cancel your contract but note that an early termination fee may apply.
Can I cancel over email, ticket, or chat?
Yes, you can send the request, and a customer service agent will contact you.
Can I change the date requested for cancellation?
Yes, you need to contact customer care 24 hours before the cancellation date.